FDA Says It Helped Hawaii Officials Crack Down On CBD Company In ‘Unique’ Surveillance Operation Leading To ArrestsPosted by On

The federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) partnered with Hawaii law enforcement in a “unique” surveillance operation that recently led to the arrests of two people associated with a cannabis business who are suspected of violating state drug laws.

FDA’s Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA) touted the federal-state partnership and resulting enforcement action in a social media post last week. It said that FDA staff and the Hawaii Department of Agriculture “surveilled retail shops in Hawaii’s Chinatown, including a CBD dispensary.”

“As a result, law enforcement & [the state Department of Health] embargoed CBD products and arrested two people suspected of promoting harmful and/or detrimental drugs,” FDA said.

A federal agency collaborating with state partners on drug enforcement isn’t particularly novel on its face, but FDA’s involvement did raise some eyebrows. When it comes to CBD, the agency is more commonly known to take enforcement actions like sending warning letters to companies that make misleading medical claims about their products, for example.

“This type of operation is unique and is an example of our efforts to expand…

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