Federal and Colorado authorities raid marijuana grow houses in huge black market roundup – The Denver PostPosted by On

Federal and state law enforcement officers have fanned out across the Denver metro area in a massive black market marijuana grow sting, authorities have said.

Agents including some wearing all-white scrubs and gloves are currently pulling dozens of marijuana plants from an Aurora home. Other agents in street clothes are laying out marijuana plants in neat rows on the driveway.

The nearly fully grown marijuana plants have dirt clinging to the roots indicating that federal agents pulled them directly out of planters in the grow house. There are roughly 100 marijuana plants on the driveway.

The raid is happening in a quiet upscale neighborhood. The light-colored brick home has three garages. An American flag and a lawn mower can be seen in the garages.

Joyce Menard lives next door to the raided house in the Conservatory subdivision. She said agents came to the house at 7 a.m. this…

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