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Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds produce female plants and only female plants make buds. When planted and after germination they produce very few if any male plants.

When planting feminized cannabis seeds, you are assured that all your plants will be female and produce buds. So, purchasing from a reputable supplier who in turns gets his seed from a reputable breeder(s) is important.

Feminized cannabis seeds strains are easier to grow and difficult for a beginner to produce. In order to produce feminized seeds cuttings must be used from regular seeds.

How are Feminized Seeds Produced

Pollination from a male plant is necessary in order for any breeding to happen. Fortunately, if the conditions around them are engineered the right way, cannabis plants can change sex.

It is then possible to eliminate male chromosomes. By inducing a number of female seedling plants to become hermaphrodites-and then selectively breeding them.

Bred without male chromosomes feminized cannabis seeds ensure growers that all plants will guarantee flower buds. These seeds are perfect for growers who like a no hassle easy method of growing their weed.

Advantages of Feminized Seeds

For individuals that are growing cannabis for medical reasons, feminized cannabis seeds supply them the THC and CBD content they are looking for. Eliminating issues as to growing and eliminating the male plants.

Feminized cannabis seeds grow into beautiful plants and produce an easy harvest of high-quality weed. Without the hassle of having to remove males or changing light cycles during the growing process. Also, beginner growers find this simple cultivation a very attractive option.

Plants that are grown outdoors in ideal conditions can produce as many as two or more crops in a season.

Plants grown under indoor lights will flower in approximately 10 weeks. Most of these plants are also infectious disease-resistant and healthy enough to grow quickly.

Cannabis Breeding Industry Change

Feminized cannabis seeds have completely changed the cannabis breeding industry. So much so that many collectors will simply not carry any strains that have not be feminized.

While there is still a great need for regular seed strains. The immense degree of success enjoyed by the numerous feminized strains on the market. Will make it impossible to turn back to the days of old.

If you are looking for a long streak of successful grows and consistent product. Feminized cannabis seeds is the way to go.

It ensures greater yield since no male cannabis plants will grow. With only female plants produced you are guaranteed that each and every plant will supply you with flowering buds.

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