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As the benefits of marijuana are becoming increasingly understood and with changes in state laws allowing for the legal consumption of weed, we are seeing an increasing number of pot shops opening up across certain states. In Las Vegas we are seeing a boom in places where you can legally buy marijuana, but with this increase in availability, it is often the case that the standard of products and service isn’t always as high as it should be.

So if you are living in, or visiting Las Vegas, how can you find out where the best marijuana dispensaries are?

The Product

When we are talking about `the best`, the first thing that we need to consider is what actually is `the best`. The `best` marijuana dispensaries will be those which offer the best quality products, maybe the best selection, a good customer service, a great atmosphere – and lastly in an easy to reach place.

Understanding the product is an absolute essential when it comes to selling marijuana, and there is a lot of science to really getting to know about weed and its effects. The people who sell it have to know what they are talking about, and understand how the pot that they are selling will affect its consumers.

So how do we know how to find the best marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas?

Word of Mouth

One of the best ways to decide on where to spend your money is through word of mouth. If you know people who are marijuana connoisseurs, ask them where the best places are to get your weed.  Personal recommendations that come from people that you have already experienced something are much more valuable than what the businesses themselves are saying in their advertising.

You can find people to give you indications not only in the street or through friends, but also in review sites online, or chat communities. Decide what aspects of the legal weed buying experience are most important to you and ask specific questions about this.


Leafly is an online marijuana dispensary list similar to that of Yelp. It uses reviews and information such as how busy the shops are to give detailed information and rankings to the marijuana dispensaries. From this information is would be difficult to go wrong as it offers the most independent as possible opinions to help you to decide where to go.

Other Advertising

Whilst other advertising can be useful for you to understand what pot shops there are around, it can be difficult to get an understanding of how good they are, from their own advertising.

For people who really know their stuff about what they’re consuming, going to the `best` marijuana dispensaries is important. It means having a good shopping experience, and of course getting top quality products.

In Las Vegas, marijuana dispensaries are becoming more and more common, and this means that there is a dilution of people working in the industry who really LOVE it. This is why it is increasingly important to do your research about where you are going to buy your pot before you go.



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