Five die of carbon monoxide poisoning from generators at Mendocino County cannabis farms since 2014Posted by On

Portable generators at rural cannabis farms are being blamed for a series of deaths in Mendocino County, where at least four men — and likely a fifth — have died from carbon monoxide poisoning in the last five years.

All five deaths involved small, gas-fueled generators, mainly used to power music or charge cellphones in temporary greenhouses where the men worked and sometimes slept, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Lt. Shannon Barney said.

“With any kind of gas-operated machinery inside a closed environment, people run the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning,” Barney said. “The inside fills up with poisonous gases they aren’t aware are harming them. They’re overwhelmed or pass out and ultimately die from a lack of oxygen.”

In all of the Mendocino County deaths, the workers were using small, Honda 2000‑series generators in enclosed places. “They’re so small and…

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