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Flower Rosin

With flower rosin having so much hype being the highly sought for concentrate in the cannabis community. Many consumers are now looking to make flower rosin themselves.  It is very easy and pretty affordable to make it yourself as well. Which is a big factor in why many people want to try and make their own flower rosin.  More reasons rosin is highly desired are also that it is a solvent-less concentrate that does not contain residuals like butane or propane and that the taste is unmatched.

This makes the dabbing experience the best you can get in the market. The tools required to make flower rosin are easy to get and simple to use.  All you need is a rosin press (price varies depending on quality), high quality rosin bags, parchment paper, and a collection tool.  With just these items, you are already ready to start pressing.  You can press all types of cannabis material from flowers to hash to dry sift.  In this tutorial, we’ll be showing you how to make rosin with the dispensary flower you can buy as a medical marijuana patient.

Steps to Pressing Flower Rosin

Buy Flower

With your medical marijuana card, simply head to your favorite dispensary. Purchase a flower strain you would like to press into rosin.  It is recommended to press at least an eighth of flower to get a decent yield. Looking for more of an energetic head high? Choose a sativa strain.  If you are looking for a hard hitting body high, choose an indica strain.  There are also hybrids available so you can pick the perfect strain for your liking.

Pack Your Rosin Bags

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With your premium rosin press bags, pack your flower tightly inside the bag.  Make sure to lightly break the buds up and not grind up the flower. Because you will get less of a yield and the trichomes will be disturbed.  Pack the buds tightly and evenly throughout the bag with no air pockets.  Do not over pack your rosin bag too much either or you could experience a blowout and ruin the press run. You can cut off any excess bag material and even place it in another rosin bag to ensure durability.  It is recommended to press with any micron size 90 or higher for flower material.  Most people press rosin flower with either 120 or 160 micron.

Setup Parchment Paper on Rosin Press

For the next step you are going to take a square sheet of parchment paper. Cut it into a 6 by 6 inches square, then fold it in half.  Place your packed rosin bag inside and in the middle of the folded parchment paper.  Then place this in the middle of the bottom plate of your rosin press.

For the next step, you are going to take a square sheet of parchment paper. Cut it into a 6 by 6 inches square, then fold it in half.  Place your packed rosin bag inside and in the middle of the folded parchment paper.  Then place this in the middle of the bottom plate of your Lowtemp Industries rosin press.


Now it’s time for the action!  For your dispensary flower, it is recommended to have the temperature between 180-230 degrees. Then press for about 60 – 180 seconds with the pressure at 1000-1400 PSI. For flower rosin, try starting it at 1200 PSI. Part of rosin pressing is experimenting so try out different variations using time, pressure, and temperature to find what you like best.

Collect the Flower Rosin

Once you are done with your press, remove the squished rosin bag from the parchment paper. This is called a “rosin chip” and you can save them to make edibles when you collect enough.  All the material that is on the parchment paper after you have removed the rosin bag is your rosin.  Use your collection tool to gather all the rosin you produced.  It is recommended to keep your rosin in a dab container or parchment paper.

Further Notes

Another great benefit to making flower rosin is that it can be consumed immediately after being pressed.  Compared to BHO (Butane Hash Oil) concentrates that take a long time to purge before you can consume it.  The process of making rosin is so safe and affordable that more and more people are starting to join the rosin community.  As you become a more experienced rosin presser. You will find your favorite methods of combining pressure, temperature, and time pressed to create very high-quality rosin.

It is also important to take note of the yields being produced.  The yield is the percentage of product you got back from a rosin press.  So, if you pressed an eighth of flower, a good yield back would be 0.7 grams, which is a 20% yield.  Average yields for hemp material will be about 3-14%, flower will be 15-30%, hash will be 60-92%, and dry sift will be anywhere between 30-92%.  Keep these average yields in mind if you want to have a certain amount of rosin produced so you know how much material to press.

With this simple guide, you can easily start making your own personal medicinal rosin with flower at your purchased at your local dispensary.  It is recommended to consume your rosin with a glass oil rig, quartz banger, and a torch.  Quartz bangers are best because you can taste most of your rosin when dabbing.  A great method to dabbing rosin is “cold starting” it.  This means you just put your dab in your quartz banger and then put the carb cap on.  Use your torch and heat it for about 12-16 seconds and it should bring it to the perfect temperature to dab.





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