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Alabama’s Medical Marijuana Licenses Under Fire – Who Holds The Key To Transparency?

The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission (AMCC) faces renewed scrutiny as it attempts to re-evaluate and award licenses for medical marijuana production and sales.

After awarding licenses to 21 out of 90 applicants, the AMCC suspended its decision due to scoring inconsistencies, leading to legal challenges from seven companies.

Among the concerns raised is the lack of transparency in the licensing process, prompting companies to sue over closed-door meetings.

Two applicants, Alabama Always and Specialty Medical Products of Alabama (SMPA) seek a restraining order to ensure transparency in the upcoming license allocation.

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SMPA’s attorneys argue that if the commission’s deliberations remain secretive, SMPA would lack the critical information needed to mount an effective appeal, hindering their ability to challenge license decisions.

Northern Michigan University Seeks Cannabis Education Breakthrough With Research License

Northern Michigan University (NMU) has taken a pioneering step by applying for a marijuana educational research license, aiming to become the first institution in Michigan to integrate live cannabis plants into its curriculum, reported Dustin Walsh for Crain’s Detroit Business.

The license, introduced in 2020, would enable NMU to incorporate marijuana products, research and disposal into its courses, revolutionizing education in fields like medicinal plant chemistry and…

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