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Witnessing history is also a good time to consider lessons of the distant, as well as the recent past.

To many, not allowing marijuana to be legal until now seems as ridiculous as the Prohibition of the 1920s, when alcohol consumption was taboo across the United States. That all seems like a folly a century later, yet the potential perils of alcohol continue to be downplayed in American society. No one likes to ruin the party with such chatter, yet the same question is reliably asked after any tragic automobile accident: Was the driver under the influence?

This ties to recent history lessons as well. Colorado was the first state to embrace legalized marijuana. That was in 2012, more than a decade ago. Other states kept one eye on Colorado while considering the ramifications of following suit.

• Would there be a rise in DUI cases?

• Would use of recreational marijuana expand beyond the consumer base for the illegal market?

•  Would legal dispensaries lure other criminal activity?

Skeptics embraced reports such as one from Colorado’s Division of Criminal Justice in 2019 indicating a 45 percent rise in the number of drivers testing positive for more than one substance. The numbers spiked even higher since then.

Remarkably, there is still not a breathalyzer for marijuana, leaving law enforcement officials to make…

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