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Gelato Strain review

Gelato strain is an Indica dominant cannabis hybrid. Releasing sweet and a fruity fragrance with hints of lavender, berries and citrus. This strain is well known for its great citrus and fruity flavor, tasting as good as its scent.

With its THC levels at 20% this strain is for the experienced smoker. Gelato strain is great when taken in the evenings. But can be smoked during the day for those that need a boost or body relief.

Gelato packs powerful effects that can be described as “a formidable impact of serene euphoria and bodily relaxation”.

Strain Effects

A word of wisdom for first time users “Go Slow”. this strain has a high THC content and can have overpowering effects for those that are ill prepared. “Gelato’s THC level is about 20%, and can go as high as 25%.

Gelato strain will quickly set in with a relaxing, joyful and uplifting senses. A sudden head rush is accompanied by an intense body rush. This prevents a lot of activity but still allows users to be mobile.

The Indica strain genes give it the ability to help relax users mentally and physically. To alleviate severe pain, help reduce nausea, and to increase appetite.

When Gelato strain is taken late at night, the effects will help with insomnia or other sleep related issues.

Growing Gelato Strain Tips

Gelato strain can be grown indoors or outdoor. Outdoor growing typically requires warm and moist conditions of about 75 degrees Fahrenheit. When grown indoors expect flowering in about 8-10 weeks. Gelato strain has an average growth height of approximately 3 to 6 feet for indoor grows.

The leaves of their plants require minimal trimming. It is a fairly easy grow for beginners. Indoor growers should be aware that the Gelato strain will emit a noticeable pungent odour, during its flowering cycle. Therefore, make sure you have proper ventilation installed

Gelato strain flowers are typically small, and resembles the thick and dense arrangement of many indica strains. The plant is visually appealing, with its orange and green leaves that are accentuated by shades of deep purple. The flowers themselves are sticky small trichomes, that have a light frosty look compared to many other strains.

Indica Hybrid Benefits

Indica strains produce a strong physical body high. Which makes users sleepy or ‘ couch locked’ and gives them a deep feeling of relaxation. Indica plants are usually short and wide. This type of growth helps Indica plants to be grown indoor more easily.

Indica strain cannabis is very helpful for general pain relief and are commonly used by many to treat insomnia. Most Indica strains like the Gelato strain are better left to be smoked at night. Preferably before going to sleep as the strain effects are deep drowsiness and tired feeling.

Typical Effects and Usages

Because of its flavorful aroma, Gelato strain has become a great favourite within the marijuana community. The medical advantages are definitely an important reason of why Gelato is so popular. It is loaded with fruity flavours and sweet candy scents.

Gelato Strain has medicinal benefits and is great for treating aches and chronic pain. Many people use it for treating headaches and migraines. The free-spirited increase of emotions in this strain can also briefly ease troubling symptoms of depression, and anxiety.

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