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The German parliament has backed a new law to allow the recreational use of cannabis. Under the law, those over 18 in Germany will be allowed to possess substantial quantities of cannabis, but strict rules will make it difficult to purchase the drug. Smoking cannabis in many public spaces will become legal from April 1st. Possession of up to 25 grams, equivalent to dozens of “strong” joints, will be permitted in public spaces. In private homes the legal limit will be 50 grams. Use of the drug among young people has increased for years despite the current law, says Health Minister Karl Lauterbach, who is promoting the reform.

In the photo 1.5 grams. In Germany, possession of 25 grams in a public place will be permitted

Legalization aims to undermine the black market, protect smokers from contaminated cannabis and reduce revenue for organized crime gangs. But cannabis coffee shops won’t suddenly pop up all over the country.

Surprisingly, a giant marijuana leaf appears on the facade of Montecitorio: who is behind it?

A fierce debate over the decriminalization of cannabis has raged for years in Germany, with doctors’ groups expressing concerns about young people and conservatives arguing that liberalization will fuel drug use. Simone Borchardt, of the conservative opposition CDU, told MPs that the government had gone ahead with a “completely useless and confusing” law, without taking into account warnings from doctors, police and psychotherapists. But…

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