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Title: Thailand Lifts Marijuana Ban, Creating Legalization Boom and Concerns

Introduction: Thailand has recently decriminalized the use and sale of marijuana, resulting in a surge in its trade and sparking various concerns. While the country witnesses the boom in the legalization and availability of ganja, Thai Prime Minister Shretha Thavisin has hinted at re-criminalizing marijuana within the next six months, citing concerns over the increasing drug problem in certain regions. This decision has disappointed those involved in the marijuana business, who argue that the plant has helped numerous Thai people.

Thailand Opens Shops and Eases Restrictions on Marijuana Sales:

As of June 9, 2022, Thailand has lifted all restrictions on the sale and use of marijuana. The plant is now legally sold in shops across the country, including medicine shops. The trend of ganja-themed shops has even extended to a mall near Khao San Road, a famous destination in Thailand.

Marijuana Trade Experiences a Significant Boom:

The decriminalization of marijuana in Thailand has led to a rapid expansion in the trade of intoxicating products. According to “Weed,” a website dedicated to selling ganja in the country, there are currently over 4,000 outlets legally selling such products.

Potential Re-Criminalization of Marijuana and its Impact:

Thai Prime Minister Shretha Thavisin has suggested the possibility of re-criminalizing marijuana use. In an interview with Bloomberg TV, he…

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