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Golden Barn 750 mg cartridge (Bubble Gum) $40 at Best Budz, Colorado Springs
New Battery, Best Budz branded made by RX Green $15
I was rather surprised to find the Bubble Gum strain that Best Budz grows, which they do a great job of growing, also translates into a great cartridge for my standard 510 thread vape battery. Made by Golden Barn of Colorado, the oil (at 65.7% and 100% uncut, per the packaging) is very potent using the CO2 extraction method. I only required a few good draws to feel the effects, almost immediately.
I can’t say the flavor is bubblegum, but it is a pleasant mix of flavors that frankly I don’t have words to describe. The effects were pain reduction, general calming and a pleasant high which facilitated the cerebral. I am getting the head high as well as the body. I would give the cartridge made by Golden Barn a thumbs up.
As for the battery, I lost mine recently and so we purchased this replacement for $15 It comes with a screw-on usb attachment and you charge the battery via usb port on your computer. The button turns green when you are fully charged. Just press the button quickly five times to turn the unit on or off. Then press the button and hold to vape.
These cartridges generally come in 500 mg and 750 mg of thc oil in them. I find mine can last 2 weeks with a 750 mg. cartridge. Using a vape cartridge is a discreet way to medicate in odd places where you can’t smoke. Just don’t get caught using in public. You may be subject to fines in Colorado for public usage.  The state fine is $100 and Denver is up to $999.  One of the things that legalization here forgot was the social nature of cannabis use.  While legal, there is no public place to consume cannabis.  This is changing in Denver, but the requirements are formidable there for a business to try to take on.  

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