Purple Berry Diesel Cartridge 750 mg
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Golden Barn Purple Berry Diesel 750 mg. Vape Cartridge

Hello Friends, we have purchased another vape cartridge by Golden Barn of Colorado who make cartridges for Best Budz dispensary in Colorado Springs, CO.  This is a hybrid strain called Purple Berry Diesel.  I have tried the flower, now we wanted to try the vape cartridge.  As I recall this is a sativa-dominant hybrid, producing a balanced high between pain relief and creativity (head high).

Firstly, the cartridge is packaged in non-child resistant packaging, so we needed to use our exit bag for the purchase.  The cartridge comes with a plastic cover over the thread at the end.  Removing that, we screwed the cart onto our pen battery, which is made by Rx-Green.  Inhaling from the cartridge for about 5 seconds (or until the light flashes) is a good lungful of vapor.  My initial impression of the taste of this particular strain in vape form is that it tastes a bit harsh and somewhat unpleasant.

Other cartridges have tasted better.  The flower of this strain smokes most pleasantly.  This cartridge tastes flat and flavorless.  I have to admit that the high achieved from two lungfuls was relaxing and uplifting however.  I suppose that if the cartridge gets the desired effect, the taste can be overlooked.  I will definitely finish out this cartridge, but I have tasted better from Golden Barn.  Maybe this strain didn’t produce the taste we were looking for in a cartridge.  It does produce the desired effect.  One of creativity and also relaxation and pain relief.

The item retails for $40 and we received a 25% discount, so we paid $30.  A 750 mg. cartridge typically lasts me 2 weeks of occasional daily use.  This cartridge was rated on the packaging at 67% Thc.



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Ed Sanders has been on the medical cannabis program for the state of Colorado for more than 10 years and is an advocate for medical cannabis in all its forms. Ed is also an admin for the Medical Marijuana Connection's Facebook group.

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