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Gorilla Glue Strain

Gorilla Glue Strain is an Indica dominated hybrid. Gorilla Glue Strain is a cross between Chocolate Diesel and Sour Diesel produced by Chem sister. Making it a hybrid 50/50 Indica-Sativa. It is a modern masterpiece with an extremely high level of resin, THC and production harvest.

With equal parts of Indica and Sativa. Gorilla Glue Strain gives users an energetic, exciting, yet a smooth and soothing high. Gorilla Glue Strain allows you to enjoy a hypnotic high. The need to socialize, and the ability to enjoy a good night sleep.

The average THC content of Gorilla Glue is normally around 26% with some tests running as high as 28 percent. With a CBD content of only 1 percent some medical benefits of Gorilla Glue are limited.

Flavor Profile

Gorilla Glue flavor is very often described as earthy, with pine and sour notes. As the THC content of the strain is strong, many users express the taste as mild and even similar to many other strains. The scent and taste are complex and sometimes combine coffee and chocolate with diesel fuel.

What High and Effects You Can Expect

When taking Gorilla Glue Strain, you can expect a high that begins with a brain rush. Which makes you feel content but utterly dull without the intention of concentrating quickly on anything.

This heavy-hitting strain is one which is comfortably euphoric, and consumes you with a profound sense of well-being.

When the initial high fades away, a feeling of incredibly calm sets in. Users realize increased mental focus, relaxation, strength.

Gorilla Glue Strain will help Individuals dealing with insomnia, depression or anxiety. It is well known that this strain is one that help the most seriously affected people fighting many medical symptoms.

The Gorilla Glue is undoubtedly a heavy hitting drug. Beginners as well as regular users can anticipate some adverse reactions even if they smoke daily. Many people immediately experience dry mouth, and red eyes keep hydrated. Others feel nauseous get anxiety attacks, dizziness, or headaches.

Growing Gorilla Glue

Gorilla glue grows into a very large plant, suitable for indoor as well as outdoor cultivation. Indoor it can grow between 120 cm, 45 inches and 160 cm, 62 inches high. In about 8 to 9, week cycles, with yields up to approximately 550 grams per plant.

Plants grown outdoors are still larger and grow about 10 percent larger. They will also yield about 700 grams of dried flowers from each plant. Gorilla Glue Strain buds are olive-green and full of sparkling resin.

Growing this strain is relatively easy even for beginners. Make sure you trim regularly as plants grow fairly quickly, trimming often guarantees you a large handful of buds. Growers have recorded that due to its very high resin production. This strain is ideal for whoever wishes to produce cannabis extracts and concentrates.

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