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Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue  is one of the strongest and popular strains. This champion has won several Marijuana Cups and prizes for its excellent quality.  Gorilla Glue is an important strain to research medical marijuana.

Known for its strong, high-body resins, which make you feel like you’re stuck to the couch. Gorilla Glue takes its name from the company that manufactures strong adhesive products.

Users love the relaxing and euphoric effects. Gorilla Glue helps relieve pain, relaxes aching muscles and helps with quality sleep it can greatly benefit medical marijuana users.

Perfect for the Laid-Back High

Rather than giving you an initial head high, Gorilla Glue slowly relaxes your entire body. Unlike many other hybrid varieties, the effects of this strain slowly fade away in 2 to 3 hours.

Not recommended for dealing with your mid-afternoon routine. But it’s perfect for those who want to lay back on their sofa. Watch television, play music or even want to get some quality sleep. Gorilla Glue is definitely the perfect strain for the laid-back high.

While extremely powerful this hybrid mix does not only give one-sided relief. When you smoke it gives the perfect euphoria which makes it so special. As well as bringing on a lot of the best qualities of Sativa and Indica. Your stress is going to fade away with a light and euphoric feelings circulating throughout your body.

Odor and Taste

There is a blend of pungent earthy aroma, filled with a robust pine and diesel scent. The Gorilla Glue smell has a pungent aroma with earth and pine after tones.

Gorilla Glue has a pungent fragrance, when the buds are burned, it tastes a little sweet and a little sour. With a strong-smelling mixture, many cannabis experts enjoy the taste particularly those that use strains like Sour Diesel.

With a mild and smooth fruity/pine flavor when smoking this strain in a joint or bong. Consuming it with a vaporizer will enhance the flavor profile even further.

Medical Effects

Gorilla Glue is a great strain in helping relieve chronic pain, depression and anxiety as well as insomnia. With its fast-acting effects this strain will help you tolerate discomfort quickly.

Considered one of the top strains for helping you sleep. With its sofa-lock effect it will make you feel relaxed and ready for drift off to sleep. It is great those struggling with insomnia and other sleeping problems.

With almost no CBD in this strain I would not recommend using it for serious medical issues. Such as cancer, central nervous disorders or epilepsy. The strain is known to help in treating more psychologically based conditions like stress, anxiety, and depression and sleeping disorders.


Insomnia                   5/5

Relaxing                    5/5

Depression               4/5

Anxiety                       3/5

Pain                            2/5

Nausea                      2/5

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