Gov. Kate Brown pardons 45K Oregonians convicted on marijuana possession chargesPosted by On

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Gov. Kate Brown has pardoned 45,000 Oregonians convicted on marijuana possession charges.

In a release on Monday, Brown’s office said the pardon will remove more than 47,000 convictions for possession of 1 ounce or less of marijuana. The offenses being pardoned are pre-2016 cases in which the individual was 21 or older. Additionally, the release said the pardon only applies if marijuana possession was the sole charge and no victims were reported.

The pardon does not apply to any other offense related to marijuana or other controlled substances.

Gov. Brown said these pardons will help more Oregonians get access to employment, housing and education.

“No one deserves to be forever saddled with the impacts of a conviction for simple possession of marijuana — a crime that is no longer on the books in Oregon,” said Gov. Brown. “Oregonians should never face housing insecurity, employment barriers, and educational obstacles as a result of doing something that is now completely legal, and has been for years. My pardon will remove these hardships.”

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