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Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC) on Tuesday, March 7, issued an update on its plan to build an underground tunnel from Green Park terminus to Haile Selassie Avenue.

Appearing before the Committee on Transport and Infrastructure, Kenya Railways Managing Director Philip Maingi indicated that the designs would be adopted during the construction of Kenya Railway Central Station.

Contractors will also build a public realm, viaduct bridges and covered pedestrian bridges.

Maingi also told the Transport Committee that the new plan would introduce non-motorised transport on Workshop Road and Enterprise Road.

Aerial view of Nairobi City

Aerial view of Nairobi City


Ksh236 billion would be used to fund the project set to give Nairobi a new look after the completion of Kenya Railway Central Station in 2025.

“The project is of great National significance as if forms part of the core strategy for regeneration of Nairobi Railway Station and the surrounding areas which will ultimately improve the face of the Nairobi city,” Maingi stated.

Besides changing the city’s design, it is also expected to spur economic growth by creating employment opportunities and improving Nairobi’s transport sector.

The project is further expected to be spurred by the construction of the Nairobi Railway City, supported by the UK government. 

According to Maingi, the Nairobi Railway City project will commence with constructing a pedestrian footbridge across the Nairobi Railway yard.

“The pedestrian footbridge across the Nairobi Railway Yard…

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