Grand Slam Strain
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Grand Slam Strain

Grand Slam is an indica-dominant strain by Dungeons Vault Genetics. It has a high potency with high yields that growers look for. With an outdoor harvest time of around early October, you can tell it is time to harvest when the buds start to change color.

Ok, well we purchased 7 grams of this strain at Best Budz, Colorado Springs, CO.  The buds are medium sized with a little stickiness to them.  The picture shows not much left of my 7 grams, but we found this strain to be excellent for pain control and mood swings.  We smoked from a glass pipe,  and you don’t need a lot of this to catch a buzz.  The duration of the effects lasts a couple of hours.  The high is uplifting while still providing the pain relief we needed.

My vape is charging so I wasn’t able to vape this yet but will do so real soon.  Well, after vaping this strain in the PAX-2 vaporizer I have we are surprised.  The taste is pleasant and once again, you only need a couple of pulls to receive the effect.  The taste is like the classic cannabis smell, a little pungent.

My friend also vaped with me, and reports some relief of his back pain.  I suffer from foot pain and it was helped by the strain.  We became animated in our speech and had a good time with it.

I would recommend this strain for home growing as it has a shortened maturity date and the seeds are available online, but as always, buyer beware when ordering online.

Coming Soon:  Pineapple Express sativa strain…


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Ed Sanders is a medical cannabis patient in Colorado Springs, Colorado and has been on the state's registry for about ten years.

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Ed-Sanders said : Report one year ago

I forgot to put the price. This bud was $125 / ounce. 7 Grams is worth about $31.25 for a quarter...

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