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grape ape 7.2 grams by Emerald City Wellness


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Grape Ape Indica Strain is popular with Pain Sufferers and Insomniacs.  We obtained 7.2 grams (1/4 ounce) of Grape Ape Indica Strain at Emerald City Wellness, which is our dispensary of choice in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The cost was $22.50 ($90/ounce).  The potency was marked at 26.01% THC and 0.78% CBD.  We are members of this dispensary, and as such, we get a $25 credit each month with purchase.  Making the actual price $65/ounce or $16.25 per quarter.  I love living in Colorado with the ability to go to dispensaries of choice!  Need I mention their Black Friday sale?

1/4 ounce of grape ape buds

The buds are mainly medium sized nuggets with some smaller nugs found in the mix.  We aren’t complaining since we got .2 grams more than we should have.  They are green to purplish in color and smell faintly like grapes.  I have had varieties of this strain that were more purplish in color.  We ground up three nuggets in the grinder and loaded a new pipe that my friend Joe gave me, a Broncos pipe with matching Broncos lighter.  Since this is a heavy hitting Indica strain, we tried the Grape Ape strain at night, prior to retiring for the night.

Grape Ape is just what we need for our knee pain.  The hits don’t seem to take effect at first, but this strain is a creeper, and the effects are felt after several hits.  The weed tastes good in the pipe.  I felt the pain relief after about ten minutes.  When the relief hits you, you know it.  Grape Ape is a good strain to melt into your surroundings with.  I plan to take it with me to the Speak Easy Vape Parlor in Colorado Springs, a safe space to consume cannabis in a less than friendly town.  Our city does not allow adult use stores yet.  We hope to change that after the April, 2019 elections for City Council and Mayor.  Throw out all but three council persons and the mayor as well.  More about the elections for our city later.

Since I am an experienced cannabis consumer, I did not smoke the maximum, but waited a few minutes for the effects to be felt before smoking additional weed.  This is important if you aren’t ready to “zone” out yet, but you get the pain relief.  I was able to cap the night with some more Grape Ape before bed time, to achieve a great night’s sleep.  I do not recommend this strain for the cannabis newbies, unless you take it easy and wait for the effects to creep up on you.  As long as you take it easy you will have a pleasant experience.  I can recommend this strain for pain relief and insomnia.  Good stuff if you can get your hands on some.

Next we tried vaping some Grape Ape strain in the PAX-2 Vaporizer, after some hours had passed and the effects of smoking it have worn off.  The taste is markedly different when vaped.  The taste is sweet and fruity in my vaporizer.  I did not clean the vaporizer prior to using it.

Please use responsibly as an adult cannabis consumer should.  Take Uber or Lyft if you’ve had too much.  Keep out of reach of children!  Til next time, Ed



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