Great Signals for U.S. Marijuana Legalization and for Pot StocksPosted by On

Marijuana News Today

Marijuana News Today

More good stuff in the marijuana news today as a leading Democratic Party presidential candidate praises pot reform in the United States. On the negative side, most pot stocks fell in early trading this morning.

Senator Kamala Harris recently surged in the polls after a fiery debate performance that saw her targeting front-runner Joe Biden for his voting record on busing.

Make of it what you will, but strategically it was a bold move that has helped Harris surge back into relevance after having been overshadowed by a number of other candidates.

Politics aside, this is a very good thing for marijuana stocks because Harris is very much in favor of marijuana reform.

“Thankful states like Illinois are stepping up to correct the mistakes of our past,” she tweeted about marijuana legalization. “It’s time to do the same at the…

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