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Green Crack Marijuana – A slight change in the name of a product can at times create a shake in its marketing. Recently having had a change of name from Cush to Green Crack marijuana by none other than the cannabis connoisseur Snoop Dogg himself due to its highly regarded sativa effect. Avoiding any sativa stigmatization some remain devoid to calling it Cush, it can only be stated that the unanimity and love for this fruity and earthy strains remains rooted in many. Though disputes have arisen over the originality of Green Crack. Its origins can be traced back to Athens, GA in the 1970s. More so it is descended from the infamous Skunk#1. It may also have some slight Afghani landrace history in its background. Highly recommended for daytime use it delivers an energetic and trippy high. The THC in Green Crack is 16% which means that this kind of potency will give you have long hours of uplifting sensations. Find this amazing product at the most popular weed dispensary in Phoenix Arizona, Encanto Green Cross.

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Classically having an indica bud structure, Green Crack more so has dense buds that are smaller and clustered than chunky. During the process of growing pigments in some phenotypes may cause some leaves to be streaked due to cold and turn purple. Leaves that have grown in better conditions should be pale green and yellow. Colorful flowers may not stand out as much as the rust-colored pistils. Milky-white trichrome coat the buds, which in turn gives them a glistening appearance and sticky texture. A visual appeal of the plant itself is then followed by a dynamic scent. If proper curing techniques are used the flowers emit a bright citrus scent which is followed by mellow undertones of wood and earthiness. The smoke itself has a very smooth feel which is reminiscent to that of a mango and for sure will leave a tang at the back of the tongue and at the top of the palate. The smoke taste during exhales leaves a vaguely hash and spicy taste maybe a slight evidence of its Afghani lineage.

Having definitive indica characteristics mostly, Green Crack has a buzzy and strong sativa high. As soon as it manifests users get an energy boost which then creates a cerebral mindset, which in turn makes this an excellent wake and bake strain. The potency level on Green crack can make mundane tasks such as dishes and laundry interesting. A sharp sense of focus is inspired by the smoke which mainly helps users zero in on some creative project or take note of certain nuances in movies and music. Visual distortions and odd senses of time dilation are some of the slight psychedelic effects Green crack can have. Late night use is not recommended for most users are left feeling uplifted and fairly wired. Due to its lack of many relaxing properties for physical benefits Green Crack is mainly not used for medicinal purposes for it solves less problems. Freedom from fatigue is what makes many users use it due to its energizing effects. Anxiety and depression are just but a few of what Green crack can aid, this helps the users enjoy the moment. Panic and paranoia can be characterized in some cases because of the tendency towards recursive thinking if and only when taken in large enough doses.

Growing Green Crack is relatively easy and it is one strain that newcomers can easily cultivate. Fahrenheit of about 72 to 80 degrees are required for outdoor growth and a stable source of sunlight though one can still grow indoors. For easy growth, indoor conditions are preferred for the temperatures are controllable. Strong lateral branching will at most ensure that the plants grow 3 to 4 feet tall. Production of many buds as possible is always essential one should practice topping which involves trimming of the leaves on top to avoid canopies that will cover the lower stalks from proper lighting. Harvest is due October if the strain is grown outside, when grown in indoor conditions one can expect maturity in 7 to 8 weeks this usually happens when the Green crack flowers are visible. Production of 41 to 46 grams per square footage of plant shows that the yield is not only average but solid. So that the Green Crack can maintain its potency and taste proper care and cure should be taken. The grower should dry the buds upside down for a period of one week in a room that maintains it humidity 50% mostly and a temperature of 70 Fahrenheit. After drying the buds should be sealed in wide –mouthed jars with a surrounding of 60-65 % humidity and a 70 degree Fahrenheit temperatures.

Green crack inspires and energizes its users. The edginess on its name doesn`t seem have much effect for it provides the best of what sativa varieties offer. This strain itself helps users show appreciation for their surroundings. Experienced cannabis users also know that this strain can take one a long way for quite a number of hours.

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