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Green Crack Strain

Green Crack strain is a hybrid sativa that is said to be a cross between a Super Sativa and Skunk # 1.

Classified by many as one of the top cannabis strains of 2020. Both for its head and body effects which bring users into a euphoric state while relaxing the whole body. There is also a less common indica heavy variation of the strain available in the market.

Few strains match with the sharp energy and focus of Green Crack because this induces a revitalising mental buzz which keeps you going all day long. With a tangy, fruity, evocative flavour of mango.

Green Crack is a major daytime strain that can allow individuals to fight lethargy, stress and depression. Because its name perpetuates a negative image of cannabis, some people used to call this strain Cush (with a ‘C’) or Green Cush instead.

Aroma & Flavors

The prevalent aroma in this strain is skunky with finer details of citrus and mango flavours. When burned well the decarboxylated flowers the smoke emitted will be dense and pure white. The smoke will have a tarty taste when inhaled which turns into an earthy flavour. The smoke leaves behind a spicy taste after exhalation.


Green Crack looks like the majority of sativa strains with small , thin, loosely attached leaves. The buds are greenish yellow but may have purple shades when the weather is colder. The pistils are a rusty colour, which spreads between the sticky buds, heavily obscured by glare.

Body & Head Effects

A variety, with elevated THC levels reaching up to 24 percent, it is extremely potent. There is normally a 65% Sativa and 35% indica ratio. The high is very cerebral giving users a heightened attitude and energy boost. This strain encourages imagination and allows patients to be productive.

As the high wears off, users realize that they slowly descend into normalcy rather than instantly crashing.

In spite of the strength of Green Crack, others may have dry mouth and dry eyes. However, the potential to reduce the intensity of negative thoughts or negative energy appears to be limited.  Those that enjoy green crack’s lifting properties tend to benefit from stress reduction and depressed thoughts as a whole.

Medical Benefits

Green Crack strain will induce an energetic, happy and improved mental state. This buzzy high is ideal for daytime use, activities, and particularly for a creative project like music writing or art. The positive aspects of high levels encourage smokers to remain focused and alert without the distracting, exhausted feelings that is often accompanied by indica strains.

This strain is best used for ADHD, PTSD, as well as migraine relief and for managing anxiety and depression.

Growing from seed to plant

Green crack is a fairly easy strain of cannabis to grow and can be a perfect choice for beginners. Green crack grows to less than 200 cm high taking the form of a miniature Christmas tree. Which allows for easy handling when space is limited.

The strain shows robust growth and great stability. Green Crack Strain has an excellent mold and pest resistance. It can be grown Indoor or outdoors, it is an excellent option in a sunny, dry and Mediterranean style climate. Fast flowering it will bear buds within 9-10 weeks of planting.


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