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Grime Glass

20150715_153551 Grime Glass of Colorado Springs, CO, also known as Glassphemous, is the creator of the spoon pipe with horn shown above.  I’ve been getting my pipes from Pedro (the artist who creates these unique pipes and glass art) for some time now.  They are made from quality glass, hand-blown by Pedro and are reasonably priced.  I have never had any of his pipes break.

Here is a nice skull-faced pipe made out of rare uranium glass:



Here is another pipe I got from Pedro:



Bottom line, if you need a nice, reasonably priced pipe, check out Pedro Grime on Instagram. at

Pedro also creates various glass art, from monsters costing hundreds of dollars to pendants ranging around $80.  Contact him on instagram and he will direct you to his creations.

Here is a pendant eye that is very eye catching LOL

This dabbing rig will take your breath away…

He offers shipping to the U.S. and payment via PayPal.  I’m lucky, when I order a pipe he brings it to my house since I live in Colorado Springs.

Also offered are rigs for dabbers, and paraphenalia, pendants.  I forgot the pendants.  Here is one I purchased from him:




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Author Info:

Ed Sanders is a frequent customer of Grime Glass and is a Medical Marijuana Registry patient in Colorado Springs, CO

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