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Growing Medical Marijuana Indoors

When growing medical marijuana indoors, there are a few things to keep in mind. But how do you get started growing marijuana. How do you ensure that the marijuana you grow is of the highest quality for your needs?

This guide will cover the most effective methods for growing marijuana for medicinal purposes.

What is medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana is used to treat ailments or disorders by using the marijuana plant or its ingredients. It’s essentially the same as recreational marijuana, except it’s used for medicinal reasons.

Cannabinoids are a group of chemicals found in marijuana plants that number in the hundreds. Each has a distinct impact on the human body. The key chemicals used in medicine are delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). When people smoke marijuana or eat foods containing THC, they experience a “high.”

Marijuana has a broad spectrum of applications. Some cannabis strains are known for their strong mental effects, while others are known for their physical effects. Others have an impact on your mood, while some have an impact on your appetite. As a result, deciding to cultivate medical marijuana is less about growing a particular strain or quality.  And more about growing exactly what your ailments need.

Marijuana is an easy to grow plant that thrives in the outdoors. But growing medical marijuana indoors has several distinct advantages.

Growing at home saves you money

Although growing cannabis indoors will raise your energy costs. You will still save a lot of money compared to buying it in dispensaries or on the street. Prices of cannabis vary depending on where you live, but you’ll still save money if you cultivate your own.  Besides that, indoor growing content is an investment that will pay off in the long run.

Always have product available

If you grow indoors, you can grow in small batches all year. Keeping your personal inventory well supplied all year.

Buying cannabis elsewhere normally reduces your choice of cannabis stains. While growing marijuana at home allows you to choose the strain that is ideal for you. If you’re used to purchasing marijuana from a retailer. You might discover that they run out of your preferred strain or do not sell the strain.

Let your plants grow to their full potential, monitor when they flower and harvest, and start another batch right away. You can plant at any time of year. Right straight through the winter or summer, and you’ll still get consistent results.

Quality Product

While it requires more resources than growing outdoors and you will most likely have to spend more money on electricity. You have complete control over your grow environment and what you put in your soil. Enabling you to fine-tune your growing to produce some top-notch cannabis. Growing medical marijuana indoors insures is a made to measure personal strain batch.

Multiple Harvests

Medical marijuana can be grown indoors all year with only two rooms. One for the vegetation phase (which requires 18 hours of light).  As well as the flowering phase (which requires 12 hours of light).  Your plants will mature in the flowering room, while cuttings stems and sprout in the vegetative room.

When the cuttings mature in the flowering room it will be time to move them into the vegetation room. By then it should be time to start harvesting the group that has finished flowering. Using this grow method will insure up to 6 harvest per year.

Indoor Lighting

You’ll need to make your indoor grow space light-tight because the amount of light a plant receives is very significant. L light leaks caused during dark periods will confuse your plants. Causing them to grow male flowers or revert to a different level.

Lighting is an important part of growing cannabis indoors. We will dedicate a detailed article in the future on the best lighting for growing indoors.

Air flow

Plants need fresh air to flourish, and carbon dioxide (CO2) is needed for photosynthesis to occur. This means you’ll need a constant stream of air moving through your grow room. To transfer warm air out and cooler air in.

A pleasant strong breeze is beneficial, but too much intensity can harm plants. Causing leaves to bend into a out of shape. If you have a very powerful fan, keep it further away from your plant.  It will still provide good airflow, so you won’t have to worry about your plants getting damaged.

Exhaust systems are also a great way to keep the air moving. It allows fresh air into the grow room on a regular basis. Fans are required to push stale air out of the grow room or tent using an exhaust system.

To prevent the enclosed space from being too hot and humid. It is recommended that you keep your exhaust system running at all times. All of these values can be measured with the use of a thermometer and a hygrometer.


One of the easiest ways to ensure you have a sufficient supply of cannabis relief. Is to grow medical marijuana indoors. You can cultivate high-quality cannabis that is uniquely selected for your therapeutic needs with some research, planning and time.


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