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Harlequin Strain

Harlequin strain is best known for its wonderful CBD production levels. The ratio of THC to CBD is generally 1:1, and the level of CBD is 7-12%. It is usually used as medical marijuana for pain, stress, headaches, muscle spasms, inflammation and nausea.

Harlequin strain is a big favorite in all places in which medical cannabis is legal. It flowers very quickly, which is not uncommon among CBD packed strains.

Harlequin strain is a 75/25 sativa strain well known for CBD efficiency effects. You can rely on Harlequin for clear-headed, alert sativa effects, an offspring of Colombian Gold, and the Thai and Swiss descendant strains.

Harlequin Appearance and Smell

Harlequin strain has strong contrasting colors of orange, violet, yellow and red. The plant has thick bumps around its leaves and tightly coated in trichrome. Harlequin strain plants grow to slightly over 80 inches tall, making it a comparatively large plant.

With its luminous green and orange buds and frosty trichomes full of CBD and THC. The scents it produces are herbal and aromatic, with a hint of citrus, lime, honey, oak wood and spiciness. Others have even discovered the scent of mango.

The Harlequin strain was supposed to be a hash crop at first. But eventually became one of the most popular medical marijuana strains on the market.

Growing Information

Harlequin strain flowers very fast, and is an easy grow plant. This is not unusual for high CBD strain varieties. In a warm, controlled environment, this plant grows well. The moisture should be kept at roughly 0.5, which is easily achievable in an interior environment. Good air circulation is very important to this strain.

Appropriate lighting and airflow to the plant should be provided along with proper trimming. This will allow your plant to produce a beautiful thick layer of THC- and CBD-rich trichomes.

These plants usually bloom in about eight weeks. Fast growth provides the highest concentration of CBD. Your indoor plant will produce roughly 20 ounces of exquisite marijuana buds. When grown in a warm environment outdoors with a sufficient level of sunshine and moisture. Grown outdoors slightly higher results can be expected.

It is not a hard strain to grow, but remember to harvest the strain as fast as possible. This way you will not compromise the quality and in turn you will get the highest CBD levels possible.

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Harlequin Medical Properties

While the THC concentrations are not too high. They are good enough to efficiently reduce pain. Without giving the user the couch lock effects. Because it is a sativa dominant strain it usually has an invigorating effect on your mind. The influence of Sativa genes and THC, can promote and enhance attention, and will increase the lack of concentration.

Medicinally it is usually used for pain, stress, headaches, muscle spasms, inflammation, and nausea.

Harlequin strain has also been used successfully for treating nausea. Treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation can lead to nausea. This nausea can be managed without unpleasant side effects. This in turn helps improve ones appetite as well.

Harlequin strain does not contribute to an upsetting or overly strong high. Which produces a sensation that is both enjoyable and relaxing. You will always be in control of your abilities and talents when smoking this weed strain. Giving you a clear mind to go about your daily tasks.


Harlequin strain offers a nice mix of THC and CBD, but the precise ratio is decided by the harvest time. It will not produce an overpowering high and is the perfect strain for feeling relaxed, content, energized while remaining completely functional.

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