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Haze is a strain with that dates back to 1960s the Xtreme has been added to increase the psychedelic effects with a potent Sativa high. The plant is known for it’s smaller dense buds and moderate sized harvest. Haze Xtreme strain will leave you focused giving your body an uplifting high.

Used for treatment of mental illness such as depression, stress and bipolar or for fatigue. Mainly a Sativa strain with THC in the 17% to 22% range the Haxe Extreme will keep your body relaxed and pain free. The CBD content is at 1% with a small Indica content this sativa will give you a balanced energy, without any stress or anxiety inducing feelings. Experience increased psychedelic effects while still managing to go about your daily routine dealing with work, family and social life.

The overwhelmingly pungent aroma of Haze Xtreme is already highly irresistible. The scent is a unique combination of spicy, pungent, skunky, diesel and sage-like notes, that linger for a long time. It is the kind of stink you just want to bask in and jump-start your day with. The Haze Extreme is not a strain to be taken late in the evening if you are looking for a calming high to fall asleep. Instead this strain produces a long lasting body high which keeps you focused, energized and keeps you going.

Haze Extreme Grow Info

Haze Xtreme is an easy to moderate grow. This huge-yielding plant can be grown indoors and outdoors, with a difference of about 200 grams in terms of yield. The flowering time is anywhere between two to two and a half months. Yields can go up to 550 grams (indoors; outdoor estimated yield is 350 grams).

The highly potent Haze Extreme cannabis strain is recommended for growers and users who are looking for a heavy mind high. Without compromising productivity, physical activity, and alertness throughout the day. Haze Xtreme is the perfect friend which makes growing it absolutely worth it.

This superstar strain is a deserving addition to your arsenal of high-THC marijuana plants. That make busy days not only bearable but also enjoyable.

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