Hazy Justice: Marijuana Arrests And Black VictimsPosted by On

In 1977, New York supposedly “decriminalized” marijuana
possession in small amounts.

So, why did New York City spend $75 million last year to
arrest people, primarily African-Americans and Latinos,
for simple pot possession?

A recent report, written by Dr. Harry Levin and Loren Siegel
J.D.—for the Marijuana Research Project—and released by the
Drug Policy Alliance, estimated that the New York Police
Department (NYPD) made around 50,300 misdemeanor arrests
for marijuana, in 2010, costing New York taxpayers $75.4

Not surprisingly, the primary targets for these arrests
were ethnic minorities.

The report illustrates that, although, young Whites use
marijuana at higher rates: “nearly 87% of those arrested
re people of color.”

Here are some key findings in the report. (1)…

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