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“This is unlike starting up any other business,” said Battersby, a former executive for Jamieson Vitamins and Aphria Medical Cannabis.

“The way the industry is regulated, you have to have your entire building and operation up and ready before you can get licensed. The security clearance was extensive over multiple months.

“Normally you start a business and use the revenues generated to grow the business. This is far riskier.”

Battersby said Peak is expecting its first shipment of cannabis this week. The company is trying to source as much product as possible from Essex and Kent County growers.

Since becoming operational in April, the plant has produced hand sanitizer for a spell and testing its assembly lines by doing ‘placebo’ runs.

“What we’re looking at is where are the gaps in the industry,” Battersby said.

“There’s ample capacity in Canada for cultivation. A lot of these companies are set up to grow and maybe extract the…

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