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I can’t quite understand the fixation people have with trying to force Jacinda Ardern to tell us how she’s going to vote in the cannabis referendum.

She was asked again last night in the TV debate and, again, she refused to say.

But why should she?

Every argument I’ve seen for why she should come clean is weak. I get the feeling that the real reason people want her to declare her hand is because if she says she’s voting yes, it’ll help save the referendum.

But, will it? Outside of a miracle, I think the referendum is a lost cause. And anyway, this isn’t Ardern’s referendum to save. This is the Green Party’s referendum to save.

What’s more, a private vote is not within the purview of her job as either Prime Minister or Labour Party leader, so on what grounds exactly do people think she’s obligated to confess?

Having said that, Ardern going to have to come up with a better excuse than the lame lines we got last night.

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