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Help Your Anxious Dog Through 4th of July With CBDWhile most people associate Independence Day with fun gatherings and outdoor grilling, others know that the loud noises from fireworks can be a huge cause of anxiety for both people and animals. Veterans may find the sound of fireworks triggering, and animals may not understand what the loud noises mean. You can help your anxious dog through the Fourth of July with CBD in the form of treats and oils.

How Does CBD Reduce Anxiety in Dogs?

In humans, CBD helps the brain produce more serotonin, the chemical that makes us feel happy and relaxed. Research has shown that CBD can produce the same effect in dogs, helping relieve their stress and nervousness.

How Much CBD Is Right for Your Dog?

When giving CBD to your dog, do not give them anything packaged for humans. People and dogs tolerate CBD differently; therefore, you must ensure you’re only giving your pet CBD that’s approved for dogs. Thankfully, there are many options, including oils and treats specifically for dogs. Always follow dosage recommendations on the package.

When Should I Give my Dog CBD?

You can help your anxious dog through the Fourth of July with CBD by giving them their dosage 30 minutes before the fireworks begin. Doing so should provide enough time for the CBD to take full effect before the anxiety-inducing event begins.

Keeping Your Pet Calm Year-Round

If your dog struggles with anxiety during the Fourth of July, there’s a chance other loud events will have a similar effect on them. Many dogs get anxious during thunderstorms, when loud construction is nearby, on road trips, and when rambunctious kids are around. Use CBD to help keep your beloved pet happy and relaxed no matter how loud it gets.

No one likes to see an animal confused and scared by loud noises. Help your dog manage their anxiety with CBD treats and oils.



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