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Dogs dominate the pet CBD category. Not only are most of the studies on CBD for pets focused on canines, almost all of today’s pet-friendly CBD treats are only fit for Fido. However, that doesn’t mean researchers aren’t interested in feeding CBD to other animals. Interestingly, there’s emerging evidence that hemp CBD might benefit horses.

Although the data on CBD for horses is limited, a few reputable sources have begun delving into this issue. People curious about feeding CBD to their mares should consider the latest research into this topic.

Is CBD A Suitable Supplement For Horses? — What The Data Suggests

Professors at Colorado State University recently published findings from a six-week trial on using CBD oil for horses. While this study was small, it suggests that horses can absorb CBD oil if owners put this cannabinoid in animal feed. Researchers also noted that they didn’t notice significant adverse effects from using CBD as a supplement.

To reach these conclusions, scientists took blood samples and synovial fluid from each horse and examined it for CBD concentrations. Study authors noted that CBD levels in horses tended to reach a high point about five hours after they ate this supplement. Researchers also found that CBD stays in a horse’s body for at least 24 hours after ingestion.

While this data suggests horses can absorb CBD, it doesn’t appear they retain as much of this cannabinoid as dogs or humans. The study authors also highlighted that…

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