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Haley has moved into second place in both New Hampshire’s and South Carolina’s GOP primaries, according to polling data from Real Clear Politics.

And with her lofty status, she’s getting all the tough questions.

On “Meet the Press” earlier this month, Haley was asked if Trump’s suggestions that outgoing Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley should be executed for treason was a disqualifying comment.

(On his social media website, Truth Social, Trump said Milley’s reassuring call to China after Jan. 6 was “an act so egregious that, in times gone by, the punishment would have been DEATH.”)

Haley didn’t take the bait and, uh, equivocated.

“I just think it’s irresponsible, I mean, you don’t need to say things like that,” Haley said. “I think that any man or woman that has served our country deserves the highest respect.”

Translation: I’m rising in the polls, I’m not about to draw the ire of MAGA. Or Trump. Since, at this point, the polls also show all the Republican contenders are basically vying for the job of running mate.


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Tim Scott plans to file his 2024 candidacy for South Carolina’s Republican presidential primary over a plate of barbecue.

Scott will file his paperwork at Doc’s BBQ in Columbia on Oct. 16, his campaign told supporters in a text messaging blast where they called the event an “exclusive invitation to make history!”

With his…

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