HiFi Hops Hits LA: A New Cannabis BeveragePosted by On

The state’s most popular pot beverage officially launched in LA this week with the whole Lagunitas team heading south down 101 from hop country in Petaluma to premiere their infused beverage line at West Hollywood’s MADE Gallery.

For better or worse, one of the country’s fastest-growing breweries has long had a tale intertwined with cannabis. Its Petaluma brewery is a popular pitstop for cannabis industry folks heading to and from the Emerald Triangle not too far north, and in 1995, they started weekly pot parties commencing at 4:20. Unfortunately, the feds caught wind of the functions even before they could smell it in the parking lot, and one Thursday in 2005, Lagunitas got some visitors they weren’t expecting. The raid resulted in Lagunitas being closed for a month as punishment. A few years later the company would release its Undercover Investigation Shutdown Ale as a nod to…

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