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High THC

With increasing technology, breeders have been able to determine methods to boost high THC content in Cannabis strains through cross-breeding. Tetrahydrocannabidiol or THC is one of the primary cannabinoids that make up the cannabis plant and is known to be the plant’s main intoxicant. Many cannabis strains have been known to provide a good level of THC.

Breeders have chosen to cross-breed by combining the genetics from elevated THC strains. This results in strains which have high THC percentages.

Since strains with high THC content usually provide the user with an intense and stronger head and body ‘ high ‘ compared to any other strain. Frequent users tend to opt for the above to obtain that higher “high”, which may not be possible with regular cannabis strains.

To help you to further understand the cannabis strains that can provide you with a high level of THC content. We have selected the top three types of high THC strains that are popular among regular marijuana users.

Gorilla Glue Cannabis Strain

Bred specifically for maximum high THC, the flavor of Gorilla Glue can be a bit muted and indistinguishable from other strains. This isn’t to say that it tastes bad, but it certainly doesn’t have the wide-ranging pallet many other strains have.

Gorilla Glue ( also known as Gorilla Glue # 1) has become a favorite. Giving a big punch with even the smallest size hit. Its great for those looking for an incredibly strong and sedating high.

The effects are typical of most high THC variations. Starting with a euphoric rush and a smooth relaxation for up to several hours after-wards. Gorilla Glue will certainly help you with several symptoms, including pain management and will surely trigger your appetite for the munchies.

Gorilla Glue is most certainly a heavy impact strain. Regular marijuana users that are used to smoking will even have side effects. Primarily you notice immediately a super dry mouth, so and dry itchy. Anxieties that cause paranoia or dizziness or headache can affect those who are more susceptible.

Black Widow Strain

The strain is known to create the greatest levels of euphoric happiness that give users complete and happy seventh heaven.

The general physical and behavioral impact is quite heavy and highly long-lasting in comparison to other strains. The strain maintains its Indica legacy with a gentle elevated body high, which can keep one glued to the couch.

Beginner users of cannabis should be careful because Black Widow has tested up to 28% percent THC. That is the reason it’s our number 2 high THC strain. It could be too much for anyone without tolerance, causing paranoia and pain, along with dry mouth and eyes.

This strain is unbelievably helpful with depression and anxiety, blocking pain and giving you a restful nights sleep. The long lasting effects can continue for several hours (2-3 hrs) after consumption.

Afghan Kush

Afgkan Kush strain is a full 100% Indica, it impacts the body much more than the mind. This leads to a strong sense of sleepiness or laziness. It is also defined as a highly euphoric strain, which makes consumers very happy. Afghani Kush is a powerful chronic pain reliever.

This high THC strain helps with relentless pain, and sciatica which can include chronic pain, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Afghani Kush is an excellent option, regardless of the severity, to fight against nausea. Cancer treatments, like radiation and chemotherapy, can produce a powerful feeling of nausea and loss of appetite.

Afghani Kush can treat the patient’s nausea helping them lessen the effects. As well as helping them regain their loss of appetite and take their medication according to the prescription.

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