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I tried these edibles out when my regular brand was out of stock. Highly Edibles brand pucks they are called.  You get a package of 10 pieces, each piece being 25 mg. of infused THC, for a total of 250 mg. per package.  The pieces are large and resemble hockey pucks.  They come in an assortment of flavors.  We tried the Watermelon, Cherry and Peach varieties.  I noted they also have a fruit assortment available.

Upon opening the child resistant package, you are confronted with the smell of the particular flavor, but don’t be fooled.  The taste does not last much beyond the initial burst of flavor, once the sugar coating wears off.  These gummies are not much for taste.  I found the Peach variety tasted like Peach the whole time it dissolves in your mouth, but the Watermelon and Cherry flavors were tasting like bubble gum after a while.

The effect of the THC is slow to hit you, but after an hour you will find the pain subsiding, and they do give one a voracious appetite.  The effects last for several hours, or you can take one an hour before bedtime and sleep like a baby.

All in all, I found these gummies not much for the taste, but they did the job of pain relief and appetite stimulation.  At $25 a package of 10 gummies, they are a little pricey.  Lucky we got them on sale for 20% off with our Membership to Best Budz dispensary in Colorado Springs.  You do need a Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry card to purchase these gummies in Colorado.  Each piece is stamped with the mandatory Colorado THC symbol, and the symbol is prominent on the packaging.

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