Hipsters rejoice: There's now a Pabst Blue Ribbon-branded cannabis drinkPosted by On

The name and logo of 176-year-old heritage beer brand Pabst Blue Ribbon now can be found on frosty cold cans of lemon-flavored cannabis-infused seltzer water.

Los Angeles-based Pabst Labs, which employs a half-dozen people, including at least two former employees of Pabst Brewing Co. (which is also located in L.A.), officially announced the branding play Wednesday. However, the 12-ounce cans, each of which contain 5 milligrams of THC, 4 grams of sugar and 25 calories, have been quietly rolling out to local dispensaries since the middle of September, according to Pabst Labs brand manager Mark Faicol, one of the former Pabst Brewing Co. employees.

Faicol said the initial response to the drink at retail has been “incredibly positive.” The new buzzy nonbrew debuts with a single flavor, lemon, and the drink has an effervescent bite fans of LaCroix seltzer will appreciate. Additional flavors are in the works, Faicol said.

Pabst Blue Ribbon Cannabis-Infused Seltzer ($24 per 4-pack,…

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