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marijuana buds
A jar of marijuana buds on display at a shop in Long Beach, California. Photo by Dank Depot/Flickr

The House and Senate have neared a deal on legislation that would create a legal marketplace for marijuana in Vermont.

The major disagreement on the bill, S.54, remaining between the two chambers is how to raise revenue from the new marketplace for municipalities. 

The Senate prefers sending 2% of tax revenue from marijuana sales to towns that host cannabis businesses. The House favors giving towns money from marijuana licensing fees on cannabis businesses. 

But while lawmakers still haven’t reached a final agreement, negotiators from both chambers made major concessions during a meeting on Friday. 

To compromise with the House, the Senate agreed to several House priorities, including a measure that would allow police to use saliva tests to screen drivers for drug use and make it a requirement for towns to vote in favor of allowing dispensaries before they can set up…

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