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Tubby's cannabis teas. (Image: Supplied/Tubby's Kitchen)

Tubby’s cannabis teas. (Image: Supplied/Tubby’s Kitchen)

  • Desperate to end her battle with epilepsy, Heidene Lawrence, reluctantly turned to cannabis.
  • Her struggles with epilepsy led her to her business venture, Tubby’s Kitchen, which includes teas, spices and condiments infused with cannabis.
  • Lawrence was diagnosed at 27 and was frequently hospitalised as a result of her health issues.
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After battling 20 seizures a day at the height of her struggle with epilepsy, and eventually losing her ability to read, walk and talk, Heidene Lawrence reluctantly turned to medicinal cannabis for a solution.

At the time, Lawrence, the founder and CEO of Tubby’s Kitchen, a cannabis tea, spices and condiments startup company, was unwilling to explore cannabis fully and only went as far as taking it in micro-doses as part of her diet.

She didn’t want to consider smoking it or consuming it in edibles such as in brownies. But she had noted a significant difference in the frequency of her seizures, and she was willing to try an alternative so she starting having it as tea. 

When she was 27 years old, Lawrence, who had been enjoying a brilliant career in consulting, was diagnosed with epilepsy and managed to adjust well to her new reality until 2018, when her seizures became markedly worse.

Desperate to get back on her…

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