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These days, you can find cannabidiol, a substance commonly referred to as CBD, everywhere: In gummies, oils and lotions, supplements and functional beverages. A natural substance derived from cannabis, CBD occurs in both marijuana and the hemp plant. Unlike THC, it is not psychoactive and therefore does not give you the feeling of being “high.” CBD products claim to help you (and your pet!) sleep, lose weight, control pain, and combat anxiety.

A 2022 analysis revealed just how explosive growth of the North American CBD market is. With a CAGR of over 21%, sales of CBD products are expected to surpass $47 billion by 2028. Already they approach $5 billion.

As with any newly emerging market, the problem is that many companies are selling CBD products but a lot are not high quality. At present, since CBD is considered a supplement, the products are not even regulated by the FDA. It therefore can be difficult for consumers to separate the good from the bad.

This is why, in 2018, the U.S. Hemp Authority was established to complete third-party audits. Inspections include stringent in-person testing and viewing of a CBD company’s manufacturing facilities, marketing materials, and quality testing. It is not easy for companies to earn the official seal of approval. If they do pass inspection, they are allowed to use the U.S. Hemp Authority logo.

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