How Lagos Task Force and ’CBD boys’ allegedly fleece motorists in the cityPosted by On

The time was exactly 6:45 am on Thursday, December 9, 2022, and the shocking event we are about to describe took place around Adeniji Adele bus stop in Lagos.

All Femi Olaoluwa wanted to do was to drop his brother at the bus stop, where officials of the Lagos State Traffic Management Agency allow motorists to drop their passengers. But providence had another plan for the man who happens to be the General Manager at an oil firm in the city.

As soon as the passenger alighted from Olaoluwa’s Toyota Highlander 2016 model, about 21 officials of the Lagos State Task Force and the Central Business District unit (popularly known as CBD Boys) crossed his vehicle. 

A shocking encounter: While three of the officers stood in front of his car with cocked guns, two of the CBD boys forced their way into his car. Olaoluwa recalled the incident, telling Nairametrics:

  • “Everything happened within 3 minutes like a movie. One of the officers with a gun was already drunk, staggering and ready to shoot at me. One of the CBD boys then told me to come down from the vehicle and talk to their team lead, who was in a small bus parked behind my car. 
  • “As soon as I stepped out of the car, another officer went in and drove off while I just gazed at them because I could not believe an officer of the law could lure me out of the car and then drive my car away without issuing me a ticket or even informing me where he was taking my car to. Meanwhile, before I could get to the bus…

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