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You can find hundreds of online tips and recommendations for growing hemp indoors. But which one works for sure? How to know beforehand how much time it will take you to harvest your first crop?

The excellent yield comes with time and patience – that’s what every newbie hemp grower needs to understand. In this article, we will unveil all the stages of cannabis growing, explain why it takes a certain time to grow and what factors can speed up or slow down cannabis budding.

The Average Time For Growing Marijuana

A professional grower will tell you that there is no fixed period for growing marijuana. If you want to get a short answer, then on average growing will take from 3 to 5 months. Once we get to details, things will get more complicated – the process may take from 8 weeks to over 8 months. Why is it so? That’s due to the multiple factors that we will discuss below.

What can speed up or slow down cannabis growing?

First, get the seeds from breeders or online banks. Then review the passport information that they provide about that particular strain and variation and necessary conditions for its growing, calculated beforehand. Actually how long it will take to produce weed will depend on the conditions, so following the guidelines will make the crops smashing. Yet, there might be obstacles on the way:

  1. It’s too cold or too hot indoors There is a consensus among growers that the…

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