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WINTROP HARBOR, IL — After years of opposition, state Republican lawmakers say they’re working on a plan to legalize medical marijuana.

Wisconsin is currently an island surrounded by states that have some form of legal marijuana.

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Every two weeks, Maureen Sorensen drives from Mount Pleasant to a marijuana dispensary in Illinois to buy cannabis for her brother who’s battling lymphoma, but she wishes she could also use the product for medicinal purposes.

“I’ve had three surgical spine surgeries and my neck is in pain constantly,” she said. “They urine test me at my pain management office and if you would test positive, they would drop you as a pain management patient and I’d be left out, you know? What would I do?”

Sorensen entered a dispensary in Winthrop Harbor Thursday that store manager Robert Phillips says was strategically opened to provide a convenient option for neighbors to the north.

“How much of your customer base is coming from Wisconsin?” TMJ4 reporter Ben Jordan asked.

“I’d say at least half or more just because we are a mile away from the border, so a lot of our customer base is coming from Pleasant Prairie, Kenosha, that area,” Phillips said.

Marijuana is fully legal for recreational adult use in Illinois, Michigan and Minnesota. Meanwhile, Iowa has a medical marijuana program. All of which have state taxes on the products sold. Phillips says it’s significant in the Land of Lincoln.

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