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Marijuana is allowed in pretty much all states now. However, the status of whether or not it’s legal for medicinal purposes or recreational uses still varies. And in other states, the use of weed still hasn’t been decriminalized — which is a risky ordeal to go through if you test positive for cannabis use. Fortunately, there’s a possible way around it — there are steps on how to beat a urine drug test or at least expedite the time to get weed out of your system!

3 Possible Ways to Beat a Urine Drug Test After Using Marijuana

Sweat It Out

Sweating out a toxin is the most commonly known method of getting rid of a substance in your body. Whether you prefer to go for a run, jog, or spend time in the sauna, these are great ways to not only possibly sweat out marijuana metabolites, but also to keep you fit or get you healthier! However, there are conflicting reports as to how effective sweating out THC is. But what’s been proven in various studies is that marijuana can be traced in sweat. Therefore, there’s a chance you can perspire some of the marijuana compounds out of your system.

Drink Cleansing Drinks

Regardless of the purpose, pretty much everyone should start juicing! Not only are there countless studies that cleansing beverages are good for the body, they’re also a great way to potentially expel a toxin out of your body faster — weed metabolites included. You can opt to concoct a detoxifying drink or you can purchase one from a juice bar. 

However, if…

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