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How To Make Your Cannabis Company More Sustainable

Cannabis is a growing industry (pun intended). While this is good news for many people looking for more natural health options, and especially good news for your cannabis company, it’s not necessarily good news for the environment. The cannabis industry uses a lot of water and energy and creates a lot of waste. This negatively affects the environment, which can ultimately hurt cannabis growth. However, there are ways to make your cannabis company more sustainable. Keep reading to learn how.

Hire an Energy Auditor

As we mentioned above, growing cannabis uses a lot of energy. Part of the reason is that plants often need extra light and heat to grow successfully. However, your building and supplies may be wasting more energy than you’re actually using. Hire an energy auditor to examine your building and supplies and determine any potential problems. They can use infrared cameras to check for energy leaks and suggest supply alternatives that will save energy. This will save you money in the long run and protect the planet.

Compost Your Waste

Learning how to dispose of cannabis waste is vital because there are restrictions. You must mix cannabis waste, including plant clippings and other biodegradable waste, with other non-cannabis waste before throwing it away. This means that waste piles up much quicker, both at your facility and eventually at a landfill. However, you can compost biodegradable waste instead and use it as fertilizer. A waste management company can help you prepare your waste for composting if needed.

Change Company Culture

Company sustainability must involve more than just your plants. You should find ways to make your workplace culture eco-friendly, such as through office recycling programs and carpooling incentives. Poll your employees and ask them what eco-friendly updates they’d like to see at work every day. Some may have already taken the lead in developing office eco-friendliness, such as fundraising for a local environmental charity. Allow these natural leaders to make your company greener, and you’ll see sustainability thrive.

From energy audits to encouraging employees to carpool, there are various ways to make your cannabis company more sustainable. If you’re unsure how to implement these suggestions or need additional advice for your company, hire an expert. There are sustainability experts in every field that can help your company and the environment thrive.


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