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Prevent The Munchies After Smoking Cannabis

Is there a way to prevent the munchies after smoking cannabis? It’s difficult to fend off hunger sensations when you’re using some cannabis strains. The common outcome is that you devour everything that comes your way.

Cannabis increases your appetite. It also stimulates our desire to eat, according to several medical studies.  However, if you’re watching your weight, it could be difficult. Here are some strategies for controlling and even preventing the munchies.

How Does Cannabis Give Us The Munchies?

On a biochemical level, when you experience the munchies, THC (and other, lesser-known Cannabinoids). They are activating on your Cannabinoid receptors in your brain, causing them to promote food intake.

When THC enters the body, it activates CB1 receptors, which leads to an increase in hunger. At the point of THC intoxication, even odor recognition is significantly stronger.

Stop The Munchies Before Smoking

The best method to avoid the munchies is to stay away from them entirely. You won’t be able to entirely avoid the munchies, but you can regulate them with a few simple steps.

Experiment with different strains

The effects of various cannabis strains vary. Choose a different strain than you usually do.  With a different type of Cannabis strain, you can discover that your need to munch is less strong. CBD can help to counter the effects of THC, such as the munchies. CBD-dominant strains like ACDC and Charlotte’s Web can help reduce the need to eat after smoking.

Prepare Healthy Snacks Prior To Smoking

The problem with munchies isn’t so much the act of eating as it is the junk food we consume. And with those uncontrollable THC-induced cravings, you’ll want to eat whatever is in front of you.

Prepare for the munchies by setting aside portioned-out healthful foods. Choose foods that will keep you full for several hours, such as those heavy in water. This can include watermelon, oranges, berries rice snack and popcorn.

Stay Hydrated 

If you start to have the munchies, start by drinking some liquid (ideally water) and watch what occurs. Grab a glass of water instead of something to eat if you’re hungry. That should keep you happy for quite some time. Cotton mouth can also be alleviated by drinking plenty of liquids. When we say liquids that does not include alcoholic drinks, or sugar loaded juices.

Some other tricks you can try are;

  • Brushing your teeth, will leave you with a minty aftertaste, leaving you with an odd flavor and is typically unpleasant.
  • Keep yourself busy, go for a walk, do household chores.
  • Hit the sack for a good nights sleep.


Cravings will eventually get the best of you, no matter how strong-willed you are. However, as previously noted, the possible problem lies in what you consume, not in the fact of eating.

There are plenty healthy alternatives available to you. You can have a reasonable quantity of ice cream, cookies and chocolate as long as you keep your junk food intake under control.






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