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Hulk Hogan feels better than ever.

The WWE Hall of Famer’s body is a roadmap of injuries, surgery, wear and tear from a decorated pro wrestling career that spanned four generations dating back to 1977. And while pain management will likely be an issue for the rest of his life, Hogan has looked to CBD as a formidable counter. Hogan was recently announced as the Chief Brand Officer for Carma HoldCo, Inc. a leading wellness brand that specializes in CBD, THC and functional mushrooms. Hogan joins Mike Tyson’s “Tyson 2.0” and Ric Flair’s “Ric Flair Drip” as a partner and brand ambassador of Carma HoldCo. And while the weed business could be a dirty word to some, the positive impact of cannabis on the modern-day athlete cannot be denied.

“We work with a lot of athletes across the board in general, and I think more and more athletes are being open about this conversation,” said Chad Bronstein, Hogan’s business partner.

“These conversations are becoming more and more loud and people are like Hulk and Ric [Flair] and Mike [Tyson], they’re destigmatizing these conversations, and weed shouldn’t be thought of as a negative thing at all anymore. It should be thought of as a positive thing.”

I spoke with Hogan in an exclusive interview where we discussed the current wrestling product and his newfound embrace of health, wellness and CBD.


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