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Representatives Jason Probst, left, and Paul Waggoner spoke to The Hutchinson Tribune about their stances on medical marijuana legalization in Kansas.

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The Hutchison Tribune interviewed Representatives Jason Probst, a Hutchinson Democrat, and Representative Paul Waggoner, a Hutchinson Republican, about their stances on the policy of medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana is set to be a debated issue in the Kansas Legislature in 2024. The legislative session began Monday, Jan. 8.

Waggoner stated that he does not support the legalization of medical marijuana. He defended his stance by saying he believes the substance has not passed medical testing and should not be considered a medicine.

“Anything that deserves the name of medicine needs to pass some scrutiny as to the effectiveness and side effects. THC products can meet that standard, the problem we have now is that treatments that would not meet any genuine scientific standard that people are trying to push through as medicine,” Waggoner said. “I think it’s wrong-headed and I certainly don’t support it.”

Probst said that he firmly supports legalization due to general public support of the issue. He added that the state is losing money by not keeping up with border states with policies concerning marijuana.

“I support it because a lot of people I talk to do not understand why we still have this prohibition in place. These are capable, fully functioning adults who are telling us we want…

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