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A Hyderabad woman conspired with her partner to take revenge on her ex-boyfriend by planting marijuana in his car. Six people, including the couple and four of their friends, have been arrested in the case.

The woman, identified as Adhokshaja, along with her boyfriend Deepak, hatched a plan to frame Shravan, her former boyfriend. They planned to plant marijuana in Shravan’s car and call the cops on him. Four of their friends helped the couple carry out the plan.

On Monday, Adhokshaja reached out to Shravan and convinced him to meet her at a park under the pretext of settling their differences.

Adhokshaja, Deepal and four others met Shravan in his car. While Adhokshaja spoke to Shravan and kept him busy, her friends hid marijuana packets under the seat of his car. They then proceeded to get out of the car.

Adhokshaja then reported to the Jubilee Hills police station about illegal marijuana selling activities and provided them with Shravan’s vehicle number.

Meanwhile, after everyone left, Shravan got a bit suspicious and checked his car. He discovered marijuana packets in his car and rushed to the Jubilee Hills police station and narrated the whole incident.

On Tuesday, the police investigated the matter and found out that the woman along with her boyfriend and friends had hatched this plan to take revenge on her ex-boyfriend.

Upon questioning, the woman informed the police that Sharavan used to “character assassinate” her, which prompted her to plan this revenge.

The police…

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