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In 1978, the late Sex Pistols rocker was arrested in New York, on suspicion of taking his then-girlfriend Nancy Spungen’s life. The latter’s body was found in a Chelsea Hotel room on October 12, 1978. During his testimony, the British punk star told police officers that they had an argument and that “I stabbed her, but I never meant to kill her.” In the end, the musician was freed upon a $50,000 bail. Sid died of an overdose shortly after, on February 2, 1979. Years later, in 2009, Alan Parker’s documentary ‘Who Killed Nancy?’ premiered, which revolves around the case and about the possibility of Nancy taking her own life. Speaking to The Guardian, Parker said about Sid: “I just wanted to clear his name. Of course, I wasn’t there, I can’t swear on the bible he didn’t do it, but people involved have always told me to keep digging, keep digging and when you do dig it just does not add up.”

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