‘I shouldn’t have to look over my shoulder’: Carly Barton’s fight for medicinal cannabis | SocietyPosted by On

Carly Barton winces when she talks about the pain: “A ridiculous amount of all-over pain – it just feels like you’re burning from the inside out, like my bones have been replaced by red hot pokers.”

Following a stroke at the age of 24, Barton developed the neurological condition fibromyalgia, which meant she was in constant pain. Doctors gave her increasingly strong opiate pain relief, to a point where she was drinking morphine every two hours, as well as wearing a fentanyl patch. She says she was “completely off my face, and still screaming down the house in pain”.

She spent six years pretty much in bed, went down to six stone, couldn’t eat, couldn’t think, couldn’t converse. Before this, she had been teaching art at university, sculpting, welding, running around. Now she “wasn’t really a person, I was just sort of breathing in and out, trying to get to the…

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